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Party Guide

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    We'll try to help you plan for the crowd you expect.  When you're planning an event, wedding or party, you're faced with difficult questions.  How many attendees? What's my budget? How much beer do I need?  what kinds of beer will my guests prefer?

    The table below will attempt to provide general guidelines for any issues related to beer because that's what we go at GTG: beer.

    Our general rule of thumb for planning a 3-6 hour party is as follows:

    # Attendees X 50% X 3 beer servings (and round up to be safe)

    Rather than do the math yourself, here's a shortcut:   

    Servings Beer to buy Kegs?(see info below)
    50 75 3-4 cases  1 quarter barrel
    100 150 7 cases 1 half barrel
    150 225 10 cases 1 half barrel, 1 sixtel
    200 300 13 cases 2 half barrels
    250 375 16 cases 2 half barrels, 1 sixtel
    300 450 19 cases 3 half barrels
    400 600 25 cases 4 half barrels
    500 750 32 cases 5 half barrels


     And here is the keg sizing guide:


    Popular Party Beers:

    Product Why to Include it
    Bud Light
    Standard Crowd Beer
    Miller Lite
    Standard Crowd Beer
    Coors Light Standard Crowd Beer
    Stella  Easy Drinker, slightly upscale from domestics
    Easy Drinker, slightly upscale from domestics
    Hardywood Richmond Lager RVA Craft - Easy Drinker
    Hardywood Single RVA Craft - Belgian Style Ale
    Ardent Saison
    RVA Craft - Ale
    Blue Mountain Full Nelson
    VA Craft - Pale Ale
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    National Pale Ale
    Legend Brown
    RVA Craft - Brown Ale
    Devil's backbone - 6 Point IPA VA Craft - Pale Ale
    Blue Mountain Kolsch VA Craft - Easy Drinking Beer
    Founders All Day IPA National - low ABV Pale Ale
    Bold Rock Premium Dry
    VA Cider - Great Cider