Kegerator Rental

Kegerator Rental

Growlers to Go

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Try beer on tap at home.  It's good for the environment - and for your budget.  And your friends will become even closer friends when you have beer on tap. 

We have several kegerators available for use at home and at events.  Why spend the big money on a kegerator when you could try before you buy.  We're here to help. If you need a kegerator for a lengthy time, let us know.  Just call the store at (804) 367-3073.


We stock only kegerators with two faucets, so you can serve beer from two thinner one-sixth kegs or one half or quarter barrel keg at a time.  These days almost all craft beers default to one-sixth (sixtel) kegs, so you can easily keep the good stuff flowing from two faucets.