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Party Beer (pre-orders) - 15% off Cases & Kegs

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15% off kegs and cases for holiday parties; free delivery

Merry Christmas, Holiday Party Hosts ... and happy holidays!  GTG is here to help your party planning and will take care of all your party beer needs.  Pre-Order 2+ Cases or any kegs at least 7 days in advance and we'll give you 15% off your purchase.  We'll help you plan how much you need, give you a great price and deliver it for FREE.  If the brewery is making it, we can order pretty much any beer you can imagine. 

From Ardent to Budweiser to Sierra Nevada.  Let us know the style and kind of beers your guests crave, and we'll get it done. 

Contact us to give us the details on your Event. Offer good until 12/24/19 - Includes New Years Parties.